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Gynecology and Reproductive Biology

The Institute for the Study of Human Conception (IECH) was founded in 1986 by a group of physicians who devote their lives and clinical practice to the study and treatment of infertile couples.

In 1988, the first baby was born in Mexico, using a new method called GIFT (Gametes Intra-Tubal Transfer) in an egg donation program.

Today, IECH has achieved the birth of more than 1,700 babies, with the techniques of

assisted reproduction. In order to ensure that our staff receive constant refresher training and are always at the forefront, we count on the scientific collaboration of Yale Fertility Center Director Dr. Pasquale Patrizio. Along with him, IECH physicians, Dr. Samuel Hernandez Ayup, Dr. Roberto Santos Haliscak and Dr. Pedro Galache Vega 815, have implemented Assisted Reproduction in Mexico at international levels.

Our clinical practice has grown, now we have facilities in the city of Mazatlan Sinaloa. This growth is to meet the needs of our patients, and at the same time we have remained true to the philosophy of providing medical care in an environment that supports each couple individually. We have also participated as an active member of the medical community regarding human reproduction by sharing our clinical experience in local, national, and international academic forums. We have also contributed to the development of highly qualified specialists.

Today IECH is recognized for having one of the most successful fertility programs in the country. Our team of physicians is considered one of the best in the field, nationally and internationally.

Our doctors are passionate about their profession and have achieved an exceptional pregnancy rate over the past 20 years. Together, our group of physicians, biologists, nurses and other health care professionals are able to identify and successfully manage the most complex cases of infertility.

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