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On June 1, 2004 a group of investors from our port legally constituted the civil society called Clínica Hospital Maria del Mar S.A. de C.V.

The hospital begins operations under the name Central Médica Quirúrgica (CEMEQ) on March 1, 2005 with 9 beds for hospitalized patients and the basic services of a small hospital.

With the desire to offer the best services and make CEMEQ the most complete hospital in Mazatlan, the group of investors decided to grow the hospital. By 2006, CEMEQ had increased the number of hospital beds to 18. It is also building a new operating room and an exclusive parking area for the hospital.

Due to the success obtained thanks to the excellent service and human quality that CEMEQ offers, in 2007 it was decided to create an area of medical specialties made up of 9 consulting rooms. Today in this area are the best specialists from different branches.

For the year 2008 it was decided to continue offering new services creating this way the unit of intensive therapy. In this way CEMEQ is able to offer all the services of a first class hospital.

And from 2014, the new specialty tower of Central Medica Quirúrgica is inaugurated, which offers a new emergency area with a shock room, 4 operating rooms, 2 of them dedicated to minimally invasive surgery; 7 rooms for VIP type personalized attention and an oncology area and offices for patient care with medical expenses insurance.


To provide specialized medical services through a care based on human warmth and empathy, offering state-of-the-art facilities and a group of qualified specialists whose only raison d’être is the patient’s health.


Consolidate as the best hospital in the region, maintaining and improving the competitive level and quality, using procedures and cutting-edge technology for the benefit of our patients.


  • Human warmth – we want our patients to feel like family, that is why all our collaborators are focused on helping them in the most attentive and warm way.
  • Trust – we are committed to providing the best services, you can trust us because we will do the impossible to take care of your health.
  • Empathy – we strive to serve our patients as we would like them to serve us, so we understand their needs and seek to meet them.
  • Responsibility – we have confidence in our experienced team, therefore in CEMEQ we assume total responsibility for the health of our patients, you will always be in the best hands.
  • Honesty – at CEMEQ we fulfill our commitments to our patients to the letter, without cheating or deception.


Ave. Ejército Mexicano #2207 Col. Palos Prietos. C.P. 82010 Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México.


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